When's The Best Time to Explore?

There are several factors that lead folks into exploring the market

  • Desire to be in a new market. Want to get home? Does your significant other miss their family? Want to surf in December? We can get you there. Seamlessly.
  • New client base. Many attorneys don’t get the opportunity to work with clients they are passionate about. Does representing a new start up sound more exciting than large bank deals? Want to work closely with medical device companies? How about advising global powerhouse venture capital firm? If you'd like to change up your client base then we can help.
  • Had enough of Karen from HR
  • Feel like a cog in the machine. Instead of a giant team – do you want to be part of a small, efficient group that affords direct client contact and significant leadership responsibilities? Ready to step up? We can get you a new ladder to climb.

  • Worked to death. Are you chained to your desk? Unreasonable face time requirements? Ever cancel a vacation at the airport? Since you can never make it- have your buddies stopped inviting you places? We can help you find the platform that will put the life back into work/life balance.
  • Awful leadership. Does your partner scream? Do you have to pound on doors for mentorship? Have 3 partners asked for 7 different revisions on the same document? Not all shops are like this – many times the grass is greener.
  • SLOW. No work. Begging for hours and skills falling behind your peers is not why you went to law school. We can get your plate filled and your skills shapened.
  • Compensation. You might be able to make more. Salary and bonuses. You'll never know what you're leaving on the table. We can scratch that itch.

The ELS Two Prong Process

Pro-Active Approach

We have deep connections with top tier decision makers (National Chairs of Practices and Local Heads of Groups) in the market that have asked us to make them aware when highly qualified individuals decide to explore their value in the market.


Current Client Needs

Current Client Needs

We work on active openings with established clients that have requested our services in directly recruiting premier talent.


How We Can Help

Explorer Legal Search provides unapparelled hands on service delivered with the upmost integrity and honesty. We pride ourselves on providing logical guidance and empathetic advice. Ultimately, we are an empathetic sounding board for individuals wanting to Explore their value.

Changing jobs can be an exasperating experience –especially navigating the process on your own. We have developed a logical, step by step, process that relies on open communication. We serve as the pressure release valve – we’ve seen it all and learned how to apply these lessons to provide expert advice during this delicate process. We focus on developing long lasting relationships that uniquely allows us to provide “insider” information about the market, our client’s practices, strengths, personalities, and culture. With nearly a decade of experience, we have helped 100’s of attorneys understand the market place, investigate new opportunities, and take the next step in their career.

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