How We Help

How we help you explore your next steps.

  • Market Intelligence
  • Resume/Deal Sheet/Writing Sample review and revisions
  • Logistic Coordination including interview scheduling and travel arrangements
  • Extensive Interview Preparation
  • Interview Debriefing and Follow Up
  • Negotiation including Salary, Sign On Bonus, Title, and Start Date
  • E.L.S. "Sounding Board": Comprehensive Offer Analysis
  • Relocation Assistance including Real Estate Broker referrals and House Hunting Trips
  • Resignation Procedures and Advice
  • On-Boarding Guidance until Start Date
The ELS Two Prong Process

Pro-Active Approach

We have deep connections with top tier decision makers (National Chairs of Practices and Local Heads of Groups) in the market that have asked us to make them aware when highly qualified individuals decide to explore their value in the market.


Current Client Needs

Current Client Needs

We work on active openings with established clients that have requested our services in directly recruiting premier talent.


E.L.S. Bonus

Straight Cash Homie

Sign On Bonus: $5,000 bonus paid by Explorer Legal Search upon acceptance and start date when placed by Explorer Legal Search. Not a bad way to start a new gig, right!?!

Referral Bonus: $5,000 paid by Explorer Legal Search to any individual that refers a candidate resulting in that candidate being placed by Explorer Legal Search. Pretty Simple. Make money off helping your friends. Or make money off getting rid of your enemies. We can help them too.